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Our Mission

CTR MEDIA NETWORK is the New Standard of Podcasting with 30+ podcasters. We reach 350 Million Global Listeners Worldwide in over 50 countries across all major podcasting and social media platforms that have featured over 1,000 Guests. We bring you positive impactful content created to help you grow.

What do we offer?

CTR Media Network website offers Podcast Production & Distribution, media advertisement, Commercial Placement, Red Carpet Interviews, Business Spotlights,  Affiliate Marketing, Event Planning, and more. Emerge and Leave a digital legacy that impacts the next generation by sharing your extraordinary story with the world.

CTR Media Network offers additional services and products such as Sponsorship Opportunities, Inspirational Notebooks, The Homeschooling Interactive Magazine, Homeschooling Consultations, Female Wellness Products, Voice Overs, Podcast Interviews, Podcast Coaching, Podcast Audits, Photography, Brand Development, Marketing, Content Creation, and Event Coordinating.