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Stomp Out Crime

Project type

CTR Cares


April 2024


Columbia, SC

Step into the heart of Columbia, South Carolina, as we reflect on the profound impact of the Stomp Out Crime event. In this exclusive video, witness the unwavering resolve of our community to address the pressing issue of youth violence. Through heartfelt discussions and uplifting testimonials, experience the collective determination to forge a safer, more vibrant future for all.
This interactive blog video presented by CTR Media Network for CTR Cares breaks new ground in accessibility, ensuring vital information reaches our entire audience. Together, we are spearheading initiatives to reclaim our streets and nurture peace and harmony in our neighborhoods.

Stay tuned for upcoming episodes of The Tina Ramsay Show, featuring insightful interviews with community leaders, business owners, and nonprofit organizations. Discover firsthand the transformative power of unity and action in our ongoing battle against crime, as we endeavor to cultivate a more resilient community.

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