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How to Launch a TV Show

Elevate Your Passion into a Thriving Show!


Ready to amplify your message to the world? Kim Jacobs Consulting specializes in launching dynamic shows on YouTube or podcasts, leveraging over three decades of entertainment industry expertise to craft compelling content that captivates audiences.


If you crave personalized guidance, our 6-Week 1-on-1 Talk Show Launch with Kim Jacobs offers tailored support. Kim collaborates closely with you to refine your concept, devise a growth strategy, and navigate every stage of production. Benefit from personalized coaching, customized to your strengths and challenges, empowering you to confidently launch your impactful show.

Prefer self-paced learning? Our Streamyard Only Training Masterclass delivers comprehensive video tutorials covering everything from equipment setup to content production. With Kim's expert insights, harness the full potential of Streamyard's features to craft a polished, engaging show that resonates with your audience.


Regardless of your choice, Kim Jacobs Consulting equips you with the tools, expertise, and confidence to craft a standout show. Join our community of successful creators today and share your message with the world!


About your Instructor Kim Jacobs:

With 13 years as a Telly Award Winning Talk Show Host, including a nationally televised program on PBS and The Word Network, Kim has interviewed notable figures such as Emmitt Smith, Humpy Wheeler, Dominique Wilkins, George Frasier, Mother Love, and Les Brown. Currently hosting The Kim Jacobs Show across various platforms, Kim's expertise extends to her role as the youngest National Training Director for the American Seminar Leaders Association and securing over $5 million in grant funding for 501 C 3 Non-profit organizations.


Book Your 1-on-1 Training With Kim Jacobs to Kickstart Your Show!


As a bonus, upon completion of Kim's 6-week course, receive a certificate of completion, 1-year audio podcast membership on CTR Media Network, a feature in a blog on CTR Media Network, and the opportunity to grace the digital cover of Podcast Revolution Magazine. This invaluable investment is included in the package. Plus you will receive a free ebook gift.


We will connect you with our instructor, Kim, after payment to set up your class details. All sales are final, and for financing options, email us at


How to Launch a TV Show

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