Coffee Conversations and Book Talks With Sandy Author Tour with Dr. Elizabeth Baez Visionary Author

Guest Visionary Author Dr. Elizabeth V. Baez, visionary of “Living a Victorious and Triumphant Life” has inspired men and women across the globe to together with amazing co-authors experience.

God gave Dr. Baez the idea to bring children of God together to prepare a work for the world. A life-changing book that will help all those who read it be set free, healed, and delivered. All the authors are loving and willing vessels of God, desiring to be used in any capacity for God’s glory. All of the authors love the LORD Yahweh and they diligently seek and serve Him, living a life that is pleasing to Him is the core of their existence. Their desires and passions are to walk in joy, peace, and love while adding to the kingdom of God and helping the community become better. They work on one accord being led by Holy Spirit, the one who comforts, guides, and leads into all truth.
Living a Victorious and Triumphant Life”
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