Coffee Conversations With Sandy Monday Morning Conversations

S1 Ep12 Making Room For A Positive Transformation in my Natural Life...

Monday Morning Coffee Conversations With Sandy is a weekly segment of empowerment. We are Making Room for a Positive Transformation in our lives by using God's word as the light and guide to achieve that positive outcome, results, and transformation.

Are you wanting to make room for a positive transformation in your life? If that is your goal, join the challenge of making room in your life by applying God's word to bring about the positive change and transformation you desire.
Each week we are led by scripture as the guide for each episode :
Week 1 Spiritual Transformation,
Week 2 Natural Transformation,
Week 3 Physical and Mental Health Transformation,
Week 4 Celebrating the win-wins of the month.
Invite a friend as your accountability partner and join me for Monday Morning Coffee Conversation With Sandy a podcast for Making Room for Positive Transformation.