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June 13, 2022

HUSH No More Spoken Word Book Release

HUSH No More Spoken Word Book Release
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Dr. Vanessa Dunn Guyton presents the amazing authors of the HUSH No More Healing Through Words Poetry Book. Each Poet will share their heartfelt poetry that was written to elevate & heal from trauma. This is a creative event that will give you insight into a true purpose for poetry. The book is now available for sale at www.hushnomore.org/shop. All sales support Survivors of the HUSH Topics.

Contributing Authors: Tammy Nicole Myers, Tammy Nobles, Jacqueline Renee Gonder, LeDesma “Desi” Terry, Edward “Obbie West” Wilson, AmyAnna Soto, Sarah Vanalstyne, Scharnelle L. Hamlin, Tara Rivers, Kim Hardy, Best Boy, Debra Monk, Jessica Lewis, Serenity Carino, Maria Socolof, Annalee Somerville, Nikki Kelly, Amber, Angel Power, Teaira Mack and Robin D. Whitehead Rudolph

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