Oct. 15, 2022

Get ready, You will run into these type of people in your journey w/“Curtstride” Curtis Abrams

Get ready, You will run into these type of people in your journey w/“Curtstride” Curtis Abrams

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On this episode of Men Thoughts Podcast we have “Curtstride” Curtis Abrams sharing on the topic: You will run into these types of people in your journey

Curtis wants to help you recognize, identify, and illustrate The concepts of a person's well-being and their true purpose in life as they will know it. Curtis Abrams explains in his experience the discovery of a person's true nature of inner strength, emotional behavior, and most importantly how to overcome all facets of negativity of daily life and people. You can overcome such facets with self-control and positive action and influence. Curtis will also discuss his latest book, Curtstride: journey a true solitude for the S.E.L.F. As it discusses the concepts of being alone and learning how to use solitude and introspection as a source of inner power to overcome such negative portions of society as we know it. Curtis will have ideas, concepts, and strategies, and will educate you on what it is to become the best version of your true self whether personal values in life or business values abroad. www.curtstrideabrams.com

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