April 8, 2022

Are you really ready to start a Nonprofit?

Are you really ready to start a Nonprofit?
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Tiffany D. Bell is a multidimensional leader, influencer, and communal advocate. Having spent more than two decades providing the best in managerial, administrative, and servant leadership, Tiffany is often counted as one able to execute at high levels, regardless of unforeseen circumstances, quintessential business pivots, or various setbacks.

As the Nonprofit CEO of Gulfport, MS, Tiffany empowers nonprofit leaders from around the world with the tools, resources, and long-term strategies needed for massive impact. She is the author of “The Power of Profit: A Guide to Nonprofit Board Development” and “5 Steps to Successful Fundraising.” Tiffany is a sought after nonprofit consultant, keynote speaker, and trainer for nonprofits of all sizes. She also serves on a number of nonprofit boards on international, national, and local levels.

In this podcast Tiffany D. Bell will give you the Steps to Start Your NonProfit.

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