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March 15, 2022

Meet the COO of SHE Trucking Dr. Erica Bass Flimmons

Meet the COO of SHE Trucking Dr. Erica Bass Flimmons

Dr. Erica Bass Flimmons


Dr. Erica Bass-Flimmons received her PhD in May 2017 in Instructional Design and Technology (ID&T) She completed her MS degree in ID&T at Georgia State University and her BS degree in Marketing from Tennessee State University. Dr. Erica Bass-Flimmons, a Business Developer, innovator, supporter, and elearning tech designer for millennials and experts at large. Erica helps individuals and organizations integrate technology in a changing tech market and is a supporter of socially conscious ventures. In addition Erica serves as an consultant for various non-profit organizations in the United States South Africa, Kenya and Ghana.