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SHE Trucking Podcast with Mrs. Jerri

Welcome to the SHE Trucking Podcast w/Mrs. Jerri where we explore the Future of Transportation.

On this podcast, we discuss the latest developments in technology while promoting diversity and inclusion in transportation. Join us as we interview experts and thought leaders to learn about emerging technologies, sustainable solutions, and the opportunities and challenges facing the transportation industry in the years to come.

Join us on Wednesday, March 15th at 7PM CST / 8PM EST for Episode 3 as we welcome our special Guest Nacole 'Nikki' Ward. Nacole is a multi-faceted woman who has worn many hats in her entrepreneurial journey. From insurance to co-founding the African American Woman-Trucking Association to starring in BET's "After Happily Ever After" she has taken the world by storm. This interview will be EPIC!

#womenoftrucking #transportation #logistics

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