On The Kim Jacobs Show, Kim will interview celebrity and everyday people to share their BACKSTORY! The topics will be REAL. RELEVANT. RELATABLE! The goal is to help you balance every aspect of your life from cradle to grave and even beyond!!! Subscribe to the Kim Jacobs You Tube Channel: Https://youtube.com/dailybalancewithkimj We often see the beautiful lifestyle and the tremendous success a person has accomplished, but we don't always know what it took for them to get there! There are so many things to balance in life and sometimes the many responsibilities can be overwhelming! On The Kim Jacobs Show, the guest have overcome many obstacles to become the great success they are today! Some of the stories are heartbreaking, while others are very entertaining and lighthearted. Every episode will leave you eagerly awaiting the next one! Guest will share how they balance everything they have on their plates and keep their sanity. Guest will reveal how they fought to make their dreams become a reality! What did they have to endure to become who they are today! The Kim Jacobs show will have makeovers , performances, and other fun segments to offer the audience. You can also subscribe to The Kim Jacobs Show - Balance Doctor You Tube Channel to see videos.