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The Tina Ramsay Show & Podcast

The Tina Ramsay Show & Podcast

The Tina Ramsay Show and Podcast is all about motivating you, sharing knowledge, and having upbuilding conversations centered around Business, Education, Wellness, and Life.

We introduce you to stand-out Entrepreneurs , Celebrities, and Epic Business Leaders that are making a positive impact in the world!

Come Share, Shine, and Grow on our Show!

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Review Hub is back by Popular demand!

July 26, 2022

Who are we reviewing today? https://www.ctrmedianetwork.com/show/hello-world-talk-show/ --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/thetinaramsayshow/message Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/thetinaramsayshow/sup…


June 10, 2022

In our Guest's Own Words: My name is Dr. Monika Juszczyk I am originally from Poland. I graduated from the Academy of Medicine in Wroclaw, Poland. Subsequently, I emigrated to the United States to pursue my dreams here. I l…

So You Think You Know How To Network?

June 3, 2022

Basile Lemba Born in Cameroon in Western Africa, Basile Lemba moved to France at the age of 14. Upon finishing his high school studies, he attended the world-famous Académie des Beaux-Arts where he studied Architecture. He t…

Are you Instilling Greatness in your Children?

May 6, 2022

Vera Thomas lives in the state of Georgia. She is to date a 7x bestselling author, podcast host, certified transformation coach and family mediator, Classroom Management Advocate/Trainer/Speaker/poet. She works with parents…

Hello, Hello, Everybody Are you ready for a rewind?

April 22, 2022

Come on over and lets have some fun. We are on Season 6. Yesssss! https://www.ctrmedianetwork.com/show/the-tina-ramsay-show-podcast/ --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/thetinaramsayshow/message

You know that what you have to say matters.. so why aren't you saying it?

April 22, 2022

What are you waiting for? You have the Mission, Vision, and Purpose. You know that what you have to say matters. So Lets go and get you started. https://www.coachtinaramsay.com/product/Learn-How-To-Start-a-Podcast-and-Moneti…

SHE Trucking Foundation & Transportation Leaders providing Solutions in the mist of Chaos

March 25, 2022

Yes! There back! It's time for a SHE Trucking Podcast Take Over of The Tina Ramsay Show & Podcast. Are you ready for the MATS- Mid-America Truck Show? Do you want to learn about the trucking and transportation industry? Wou…

Problems Facing Female Truckers

March 14, 2022

SHE TRUCKING PODCAST take over of The Tina Ramsay Show &Podcast! Hosted by: Dr. Tina J. Ramsay Listen and Watch She Trucking Podcast on CTR Media Network https://www.ctrmedianetwork.com/ SHE TRUCKING FOUNDATION, INC CEO Sha…

When your Adventures starts in Africa!

March 1, 2022

Dr. Ogechi Egbujor is a writer and the co-author of the book series Adventures of Ada. She received her Doctoral Degree in Physical Therapy from East Tennessee State University. Born and raised in Nashville, Tn to loving Nig…

Are you Facing Loneliness and Feel Isolated?

Feb. 26, 2022

Curtis Abrams Jr. Author/Life Coach in training Curtis Abrams Jr. is an author of a self-help book which chronicles the external and internal insights on being isolated and facing loneliness. The book describes how to analy…

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Passionate Educationist and a Thought Leader

Purposeful career in the education space spanning over more than 20 years, Dr. Shauli Mukherjee has dedicated her life towards promotion of child-centric…

Are you being MisHandled?

MisHandled is my personal podcast journey of my husband's lies, deceit and betrayal; how the impact of his violations affected me Mentally, Physically an…

Homeschooling in a Big City with a Small Budget

  In our Guest Own Words Hi!  I am Monument Mom.  A corporate homeschooling mom of one kiddo.  With six years of homeschool experie…

About the Host

Coach Dr. Tina Ramsay Profile Photo

Coach Dr. Tina Ramsay

CEO- Executive Producer-Host

CEO & Founder, CTR Enterprises, IMDb TV Producer, #1 Podcast Specialist, Certified VCM Coach, 2X Best-Selling Author, and Global Speaker.

Coach Tina is a PROMOTER, Global Public Speaker that has spoken on over 100 plus stages & coach with almost 7 years of streaming experience, including a combination of TV, Social Media, Podcasting, and YouTube. Tina has a wealth of knowledge and experience working in front of the camera and behind it. She’s the Executive Producer and Host of The Tina Ramsay Show. Coach Tina is a successful sought-out Global Speaker, Ambassador, TV Show & Podcast Director, Host, and Producer on IMDb for streaming, podcasting, and online tv.

She is The Founder of 4 Google Blue Star Verified Businesses: Epic Business Leaders, CTR Enterprises, HealTheHoneypot.com, and The Tina Ramsay Show and Podcast. Her Podcast is International in almost 30+ Countries and is on 20+ Platforms. Her Podcast is currenting reaching over 350 Million Homes on Apple Podcast, IHeartRadio, Spotify, Amazon.com and more. Her Tv Show is currently reaching 3 Billion Homes Worldwide on Roku TV, Amazon TV, Apple TV, Sony TV, iOs and Android TV on powered by BHC and EBLTV.

In addition, Coach Tina is a 2X Best-Selling International Author. Tina uses her platform & Influence to Build up others and Spotlight outstanding Entrepreneurs & Celebrities that are Making a Positive Impact in the World by just sharing their story. Her interviews focus on Business, Wellness, and Life. She has been featured in various magazines, books, received many honors, and awards for her work within the community and for business including being featured on ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, CW and being featured on the #63 Grammys Billboard.

What Coach Tina Believes!

Coach Tina believes that True elevation does not come from you elevating yourself but TRUE Elevation comes from using your God-given gifts and influence to elevate others. She is a firm believer in the #WinWinEffect and that there is room for everyone at the table if you are willing to work or you make your table and invite others to your table to grow. Her Company is on a mission to position and connect 1,000 Entrepreneurs for 2021 with their 3 Tier Initiative of the CEO effect: Community, Education, and Opportunities.

Her personal journey and near death life experiences that built her Faith and never give up mindset by relying on God to direct her steps in everything that she does. After, having a stroke at 25 years old that left her partially paralyzed from the waist down. She gained incredible insight and gratefulness to God after he blessed her with her mobility again. She clearly understand her purpose and mission. Coach Tina uses her life, and challenges, to motivate you be your authentic self. She provides multiple opportunities , platforms, connections, by using her God-Given gift to do good in the world.

On the other hand, She provides multiple opportunities , platforms, and network, by using her God-Given gift to do good in the world. She trains Entrepreneurs & Business Owners on how to duplicate her proven system of success with TV show development, podcasting, visibility, social media, marketing, monetization, connections, mindset reset, and wellness.

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