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Season 6

Are you Facing Loneliness and Feel Isolated?

Feb. 26, 2022

Curtis Abrams Jr. Author/Life Coach in training Curtis Abrams Jr. is an author of a self-help book which chronicles the external and internal insights on being isolated and facing loneliness. The book describes how to analy…

From First Generation College SC Graduate to Red Carpet Celebrity Interviewer

Feb. 26, 2022

Michael D. Finkley, a native of Mullins, SC, is an alumnus of Allen University where he graduated with his Bachelor of Arts in English. Finkley later graduated from Southern New Hampshire University with his graduate degre…

The Knowledge that Support Generations

Feb. 26, 2022

Claudius Wynter is the first and only child of Suzette Gordon and Claudius Wynter senior. He received his early childhood education in Mitchell Town, Clarendon in Jamaica. In 1998, at the age of 8 years old, he migrated to t…

Dismantling Cultural Stereotypes within the Media through Impactful Storytelling

Feb. 9, 2022

Listen in on our LIVE TAPPING OF THE SHOW. We expressed some small connection technical difficulties towards the end of this interview. However, the show must go on and our amazing Guest delighted our imagination with a LIVE…

Freeing yourself from Traumatic Events that happened "Behind Closed Doors"

Feb. 8, 2022

In the words of our guest: My name is Neicee J Born Tahneisha Plowden. I was born and raised in NE Ohio and moved to NC in 2014. I suffered years of sexual abuse from multiple family members, years of physical and abuse fro…

Disabled Retired Veteran bringing Joy One Laugh, Paint, and Sip at a Time

Jan. 29, 2022

Dr. Veronica E James, Disabled Retired Veteran, Single Parent, Co-CEO of Simpli Wisdom Inc. Non-Profit and Simpli Wisdom Body Butters and Lip Balms, Podcaster, Comedian, Host, and Show Producer. Connect with her: http://www…

There's Hope Breaking Invisible Chains

Jan. 14, 2022

Stay Tuned this Thursday, January 13th at 6:30 pm EST as we kick off Season 6 of The Tina Ramsay Show & Podcast with the #1 Best Selling Amazon Authors for the book There’s Hop Breaking Invisible Chains by Visionary Liz Hoop…