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Great Show!

Really great listen and a show like this was really needed. Love it

Great podcast

I love this podcast. It is vary good and informative podcast and this is my first review for anyone podcast. Thanks dear.

Good Podcast!!!

I love this podcast. It’s uplifting and I learn something every time

Way to go! 🙌🙌

Such an amazing tool for entrepreneurs!

So much to learn!

Keep the show going, great content.


I found this in Itunes list and really was surprised how good of a listen it was.

A real podcast!

Really great listen and a show like this was really needed.


I had surgery last month and your voice has kept me company. Great podcast.


I didn’t like today’s show, I loved it!

So great!

I really found the speaker to be educated and informed. Good listen.

good podcast!

How have I not listened to this before! Great closing on last episode.

Amazing Interviews & Guests

I love Tina Ramsey and how she is passionate about her show. She interviews the most amazing guests. 😊

Nahaia Russ DipNat, Herbs, PT

An outstanding interview with Tina, full of enthusiasm and warm energy. She asks pertinent questions to effectively make it easy to converse and get your message across. I’m very pleased that I reached out to Tina and all her magazines and podcasts make it a triple wammy! Thank you Tina.

The Tina Ramsay Show

Tina embraces her guests and is genuinely interested in their platforms and products. My experience as a guest was amazing!!

Robin Clark

Awesome, I’m so proud of you, you’re doing a fabulous job with the podcast.

Tiffany Bell

Love, Love, Love Tina! She is all about connecting and elevating people. Her platform showcases up-and -coming entrepreneurs as well as well-seasoned vets. I saw immediate results after appearing on her show. Thanks, Tina, for all that you!

Esau Mcknight

Hi Tina Ramsay. Thxs for having me on your show. It was a great interview. Keep that star of yours shining Tina. Congratulations on being amazing

I am sooo proud of you

I am sooo proud of you. I love Tina Ramsay as well. Tina's heart is genuine and love for others is real!!!

Adrienne Brown

Tina Ramsay Enterprises have opened me up to so many different opportunities. I have gotten speaking engagements, introductions to some influential people. My appearance on the Tina Ramsay show was a wonderful experience, and I can't wait to work with Tina again.

Shaq Camp

Uplifting, empowering, professional, creative and all so much fun! Thanks for having me a quest. It was both a pleasure and an honor.

Kymlah Burton

It was an amazing experience being on the Tina Ramsay Show. Having all of the different entrepreneurs being able to share a little about themselves and their businesses gave me quite a few people to network with. Tina made it easy to share as she is professional and has a great sense of humor which left you feeling comfortable enough to speak.

Kenneth Bradley Jr

I had an excellent time being a guest on the Tina Ramsay Show. She was able to keep the conversation engaging and made me feel welcome while also weaving in spotlights of my projects. I loved my time on the show and can't wait to be a guest again!

Jeff Steinberg

In my 48 years of being an Inspirational Entertainer/Keynote Speaker, being a guest on the Tina Ramsay Show was a most fun experience. Tina presented a very energetic platform that welcomed my humor; showcased my music and asked questions that were very thoughtful and perceptive. Many TV hosts find having a guest with physical disabilities to be a bit awkward...Not so with Tina. She was very comfortable with me and even asked the hard questions.

Kiyana Mensah

The Tina Ramsay Show has been nothing but a blessing to my small business. She is a very knowledgeable professional that is God-led and knows how to handle business! Since being on the show, I have received an significant amount of website visitors and increased sales. Furthermore, she has a very open-minded collaborative approach which helps entrepreneurs from all walks of life! Her ability to connect you with a plethora of opportunities is unbelievable! That is why they call her the "connector". I would highly recommend working with Tina and the Tina Ramsay Show, Podcast, Multifarious Photography, Heal the Honey Pot, Epic Business Leaders and her continuing education courses to help grow your business! Since working with Tina, I have been interviewed by Nikki Rich, the ambassador for Oprah Winfrey, Featured on Ezway network which has an audience of over a million families, interviewed by The Keever's Place Podcast, and asked to write an article for a major Magazine. I was also blessed to be named one of Tina's Epic Business Leader Top Panalists. My business is also in international audiences including South Africa, Nigeria and more. If you have not connected with Tina, you are missing out. Connect today!

Shawana McKinstry

Had an awesome time. Great show!


I have had the opportunity of taking a training course with Ms. Tina Ramsay I must say that the content was worth every cent. She helped me move out of my comfort zone and opened me to more opportunities. If you have the opportunity to take a course i truly recommend it.

Robin Smith

She made me feel at ease and made me feel valued and it was easy to be myself and be open with her. She made me feel like a queen for the day! Thank you so very much for your professionalism and your attention to detail and ability to grab audience attention with your platform! Much love and respect!

Donna Young me

Tina is all around great Business Owner who shows concern, dedication and knowledge in everything that she does. I have had the experience of collaborating with her plus using multiple Services that she offers. I appreciate her thoroughness and I definitely recommend her services and products.

Melissa Perkins

My experience on the Tina Ramsay Show was incredible! As a newcomer in the tech business landscape, I felt so welcomed and uplifted by the interview session allowing me to get the word out about my company. Tina is warm, personable, and funny. She made me feel immediately comfortable on camera and I honestly felt like I was talking to an old friend. A woman with a vast network, particularly in my target market, I would highly recommend her show to anyone looking to expose their brand to a wider market. Thank you Tina for such a wonderful time!