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Oct. 14, 2022

S7 Ep 142 The Secrets about Affiliate Marketing w/ Geo Monroe

S7 Ep 142 The Secrets about Affiliate Marketing w/ Geo Monroe

Geo Monroe is a multi-talented Individual who is an Affiliate Marketer for over 15 years and owns her own website, which is City Pennysaver Ad Board. She is a Youtuber with 3 Monetized Channels and has a business plan to have at least 10 Monetized Channels on YouTube! She is an Independent Associate with CTFO, which stands for Changing the Future Outcome which is her Awesome home business. 

Recently, she has added another incredible home business, where she is A Paparazzi Jewelry Consultant! She also is the Marketing Director for a Natural Hair Company, I am You, launching in December 2022, and she has a Podcast Show, the Geo Monroe Show, where she interviews Affiliate Marketers, Business Owners, Friends with Super Channel, and Local and Home Business Owners. 

She is a Mother, A Grandmother, A Sister, a Friend, and a Precious Child of God. Check out her show here:  ctrmedianetwork.com   CTR MEDIA NETWORK is a New Standard of Podcasting and Media that live streams 30 podcasters. We reach 350 Million Global Listeners Worldwide in over 50 countries across all major podcasting and social media platforms and have featured over 1,000 Guests.  

If you would like to be a part of CTR MEDIA NETWORK, go to ctrmedianetwork.com  

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