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April 21, 2023

S8 Ep174: Beyond Labels: How Autism Became My Superpower" w/ Antonio Myers

S8 Ep174: Beyond Labels: How Autism Became My Superpower
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The Tina Ramsay Show & Podcast is all about motivating you, connecting you with opportunities, sharing knowledge, and having upbuilding conversations centered around Business, Wellness, Education, and Life. April is Autism awareness month, a time to shed light on the struggles and triumphs of individuals with autism and their families. As a parent of a child with autism and developmental delay, our guest on The Tina Ramsay Show knows firsthand the challenges that come with advocating for himself and others. Our guest has been a tireless advocate for all children with autism. Unfortunately, the journey has not been easy for our guest as a child diagnosed with autism, he had to endure hurtful words and stigma from others. Antonio Myers, is an extraordinary young man with autism who is breaking barriers and spreading awareness. Antonio is the author of Autism Is My Super Blessing Vol. 1: My Neurodiversity Freedom, a book that highlights his journey and showcases the strength and resilience of individuals with autism. Tune in this Thursday at 7:30 pm EST to hear his powerful story and gain a new perspective on autism. Remember, words can hurt, but together, we can spread love and acceptance. Purchase his book here: Today's SPONSORS: 1. SHE TRUCKING: ⁠⁠

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