Season 3

"Health is Your True Wealth" Guest

March 24, 2023

Join me and my Guest Melissa Deally, "Your Friendly Toxin Slayer" the Integrative Mind Body Health Practitioner "Choose to be empowered in your health, learn the many avenues available to you, to optimize your health, or hea…

"The Power of Podcasting" Guest Dr. Tina Ramsay, CEO CTR Media Network, author, international speaker, coach.

March 24, 2023

Come join in the conversation with CEO of CTR Media Network, Dr. Tina J. Ramsay. Learn why CTR Media Network is a new standard of podcasting. Listen, learn and be inspired to consider having or expanding your podcast and net…

"Ignite the Power to BE" Guest Jacqui Showers

March 23, 2023

Join me and my guest Jacqui Showers to examine ways to "Ignite YOUR POWER to BE!" Please share with others. Like - Subscribe - Comment #VeraThomasShow #Newepisode #Podcast #Talkshow #Maximize #Fullpotential #Womenentrepreneu…

You are Unik

You are Unik

March 22, 2023

All that life brought produced a unique author, coach, speaker and more who clearly understands she is not alone in her experience and helps others recognize just how UNIK we all are!!! Come join in the conversation!!!! Toni…

"Walking In My Faith" Guest Cheryl Mulrain, professionally known as Cherie Em

March 22, 2023

Join me and my guest Cheryl Mulrain, professionally known as Cherie Em, a writer, music producer, executive producer, and entertainment project manager. We will discuss the story behind her new release "Walking In My Faith .…

"Step Into YOUR Power" with Teasha Jenea

Feb. 10, 2023

Join in the conversation as this young serial entrepreneur, author, mother and so much more talks about how to Step into YOUR Power.