March 23, 2023

From Catching Speeders to Entertaining Readers!

From Catching Speeders to Entertaining Readers!
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There are things in life that matter, and then there are things that don't. In this video, John P. Weiss talks about the things that matter from his unique perspective as a former police chief, now writer, photographer, and artist. He shares his thoughts on what life should be about and why focusing on what truly matters is essential. Find out more: John is the author of “What Life Should Be About: Elegant Essays on the Things That Matter," and “An Artful Life: Inspirational Stories and Essays for the Artist in Everyone." Music and Videography by Steve Stuntz @stevestuntz9303 Today's SPONSORS: 1. eWomenNetwork's Fort Worth/Tarrant County Chapter: 2. Bella Grace: 3. Kim Jacobs Consulting: 4. CTR Media Network: Visit the Shows Website: https://www.thewellnessdrivenlifeshow... You can subscribe and turn your notifications to all to receive an alert when we go live!    / @thewellnessdrive...   Follow: Disclaimer: Guests of this YouTube page may post views and opinions in reaction to our materials. Any content, views, opinions, and responses to questions uploaded, expressed, or submitted by the creators, sponsors, advertisers, or users of YouTube, including on its web pages, message boards, and groups or otherwise communicated through it, other than the content provided by The Wellness Driven Life Show and April Chavez, are solely the views, opinions, and responsibility of the person submitting them and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The Wellness Driven Life Show and April Chavez. The Wellness Driven Life Show and April Chavez are not responsible for the content that third parties publish, post, upload, distribute, disseminate, or otherwise transmit via YouTube. #TWDLS #TalkShow #Podcast #JohnPWeiss #WhatLifeShouldBeAbout