May 16, 2023

How to Show Up for Yourself ft. Elisa Ellis

How to Show Up for Yourself ft. Elisa Ellis
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Do you feel like your wardrobe is holding you back from being the best version of yourself? Meet Elisa Ellis, a wardrobe stylist who believes that personal styling is not just about outfits, but about transforming lives. Elisa has been helping clients in the US and abroad for nearly a decade, replacing old pieces with timeless ones that help them radiate confidence and style. Her work goes beyond fashion - it's about connecting and showing up for yourself. In this interview, Elisa shares her insights on how showing up for yourself can change everything, and how prioritizing your own needs and goals can attract positive energy and people who align with your values and aspirations. Tune in to gain valuable tips and start your journey towards a more confident and stylish you! 💃👠🌟 Connect: LinkedIn: ElisaEllis Instagram: @stylishcurvygirl Facebook: Website: 🎸Music and Videography by Steve Stuntz @stevestuntz9303 ✨Today's SPONSORS: 1. Kim Jacobs Consulting: 2. Bella Grace: 3. CTR Media Network: 4. People everywhere are discovering the life-changing power of Kangen Water. Find out more @ 5. Hilari Hill Empowering Transitions Life Coaching Visit the Shows Website: https://www.thewellnessdrivenlifeshow... BECOME A PATREON MEMBER: 👉🔔SUBSCRIBE and turn your notifications to all to receive an alert when we go live!    / @thewellnessdrive...   Follow: 📆Our program operates through community contributions and is live Monday -Friday from 3:45 PM -4:45 PM CST! Ways to contribute; Cash App: $TWDLS Venmo: @TWDLS or -Thank you in advance for any contribution. DISCLAIMER: https://www.thewellnessdrivenlifeshow... ❤️#TWDLS #Podcast #TalkShow #Interview #ElisaEllis #StylishCurvyGirl #TurnKeyStyle #HowYouShowUp #ConfidenceBoost #TransformYourLife 🌍