May 25, 2023

Imposter Syndrome, Where It Comes From, and How to Overcome It.

Imposter Syndrome, Where It Comes From, and How to Overcome It.
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🌅Suzanne McColl, LPC, shares her journey from feeling like an imposter in her work to thriving as a business owner and life coach. She discusses where imposter syndrome comes from, the signs you have it, and techniques to overcome it and develop a growth mindset. Suzanne reveals how embracing challenges, learning from mistakes, and cultivating confidence can help you thrive in your work and life. 🌟You are worthy. We all have gifts to share with the world. Imposter syndrome can hold us back from living our fullest lives. Suzanne's story reminds us that with awareness, tools, and a growth mindset, we can move past limiting beliefs and step into our power.🌱 Connect: 🎸Music and Videography by Steve Stuntz    / @stevestuntz9303   ✨Today's SPONSORS: 1. Kim Jacobs Consulting: 2. Bella Grace: 👉🔔SUBSCRIBE and turn your notifications to all to receive an alert when we go live!    / @thewellnessdrive...   Visit the Shows Website: https://www.thewellnessdrivenlifeshow... 🎖️BECOME A PATREON MEMBER: 🤘Follow: FB - TikTok - Instagram - LinkedIn - 📆Our program operates through community contributions and is live Monday -Friday from 3:45 PM -4:45 PM CST! DISCLAIMER: https://www.thewellnessdrivenlifeshow... ❤️#TWDLS #Podcast #TalkShow #Interview #YouAreWorthy #EmbraceChallenge #GrowthMindset #ImposterSyndrome #SuzanneMcColl #ReclaimingSelfWorth 🙌 🌍