May 26, 2023

Lessons from a Divorced Pastor's Wife: Moving Forward with a "Gray Divorce"

Lessons from a Divorced Pastor's Wife: Moving Forward with a
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💔🙏In this live broadcast interview, we sit down with Christina Kopaczewski, a divorced pastor's wife, to gain valuable insights on moving forward with a "Gray Divorce." According to research by AARP, most gray divorces are initiated by women. Regardless of who initiated the divorce and why, Christina's message is an empowering and self-confidence builder for women in the church to love themselves enough to choose to move forward. As a Christian wife, Christina shares her thoughts on how she feels when someone brings up the topic of submission and what advice she would give to a young wife in her 20s. Join us as we explore Christina's journey and learn how her perspective can help Christian wives stand up for themselves and move forward after a difficult divorce. Connect: 🎸Music and Videography by Steve Stuntz    / @stevestuntz9303   ✨Today's SPONSORS: 1. Kim Jacobs Consulting: 2. Bella Grace: 👉🔔SUBSCRIBE and turn your notifications to all to receive an alert when we go live!    / @thewellnessdrive...   Visit the Shows Website: https://www.thewellnessdrivenlifeshow... 🎖️BECOME A PATREON MEMBER: 🤘Follow: FB - TikTok - Instagram - LinkedIn - 📆Our program operates through community contributions and is live Monday -Friday from 3:45 PM -4:45 PM CST! DISCLAIMER: https://www.thewellnessdrivenlifeshow... ❤️#TWDLS #Podcast #TalkShow #Interview #ChristinaMichele #RedifiningDestiny #LessonsFromADivorcedPastorsWife #GrayDivorce #SelfLove #MovingForward #Stories #EmotionalHealing 🎥 🙌 🌍