May 24, 2023

The Power of Personalized Natural Medicine with Philly J Lay

The Power of Personalized Natural Medicine with Philly J Lay
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🌿In this interview, we sit down with Philly J Lay, a woman who has battled through years of chronic illness and grief after a near-death medical procedure. She shares her inspiring journey of discovering the power of personalized natural medicine and how it has transformed her life. Philly believes that everything is connected and that healing ourselves can help heal the world. Join us as we explore the miracles of the body and the power of the mind🧠, and learn what we can do to start our healing journey.🌱 Connect: 🎸Music and Videography by Steve Stuntz    / @stevestuntz9303   ✨Today's SPONSORS: 1. Kim Jacobs Consulting: 2. Bella Grace: 👉🔔SUBSCRIBE and turn your notifications to all to receive an alert when we go live!    / @thewellnessdrive...   Visit the Shows Website: https://www.thewellnessdrivenlifeshow... 🎖️BECOME A PATREON MEMBER: 🤘Follow: FB - TikTok - Instagram - LinkedIn - 📆Our program operates through community contributions and is live Monday -Friday from 3:45 PM -4:45 PM CST! DISCLAIMER: https://www.thewellnessdrivenlifeshow... ❤️#TWDLS #Podcast #TalkShow #Interview #PhillyJLay #NaturalWellnessJournal #NaturalMedicine #HealingJourney #MindBodyConnection 🙌 🌍