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**Is there a fee for membership?**

Yes, CTR Media Network operates as a privately owned and operated podcast & media broadcasting service  platform, providing a comprehensive package of training, promotion, distribution, OnlineTV, Roku, and tools to create a vibrant community of podcasters and offer visibility for companies and businesses.

To learn about membership costs, check the pricing tab on our website.


 Joining CTR Media Network with or without a Podcast

- **Starting without a Podcast:** Enroll in our "Learn How to Start a Podcast" self-paced course. Upon completion, your podcast can be added to our network after starting one of our monthly membership plans.


- **Already have a Podcast?** Send your podcast RSS feed link after selecting and paying for your membership package. You may email us at

- **Live Streamers Show on Facebook or YouTube:** Join the OnlineTV side of CTR Media Network based on your chosen plan.


- **Already have a Podcast?** Send your podcast RSS feed link after selecting your membership package. You may email us at


 Content and Limits


-Content Variety:** We welcome a diverse range of content.


-Content Upload Limit:** No limit on podcast plans, provided you use our recommended hosting site. There are limits based on your membership plan for RokuTV and OnlineTV.


- **OnlineTV Content Limit:** Four one-hour episodes per month, with additional slots available for an extra fee.


**Content Submission Guidelines**


For seamless distribution on our platform, follow these guidelines:


**Podcast Episodes:**

Upload all podcast episodes to our recommended server for efficient distribution.


**OnlineTV Submission:**

Email the YouTube or Vimeo links of your OnlineTV content to


**RokuTV Submission:**

For RokuTV distribution, either send your video directly to our team or upload your content to Vimeo. Please use the email above for submission.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be contractual obligations for me to join CTRMN?

- **Contract Terms- No long-term contracts; services are month-to-month. All members and clients will be required to sign an NDA  and a Content Release Form to participate in our monthly training or services/coaching calls.


Am I required to sign a Podcast/Content Release form?

Yes, you are too sign this form. By Law you have to give us permission to share your content, likeness, brand, etc so before adding content to CTR Media Network. this must be signed. This allows us permission to air your content on our network. You remain 100% owner of your content. We are only distributing it.


Is participation in recurring monthly payment plans mandatory for me?

Yes,  We offer one-time payment, monthly, and annual payment options. All monthly and yearly payments will be required to be on an automatic payment schedule based on the day you join the network or start any services with us that require monthly or yearly payment. No refunds will be given but you can cancel at anytime.


Can you guarantee growth in viewership for my podcast or show?

While we cannot guarantee specific numbers of views or growth, we assure you that utilizing any of our services or being a content creator, member, or podcaster on our platform will contribute to your growth over time. This offers you additional visibility, fostering organic growth for your brand and building influence and credibility, potentially leading to increased clients or sales.

It's crucial to emphasize that we do not guarantee specific numbers or followers. Growth over time is dependent on consistent effort. While numerous podcasters and content creators have experienced significant progress within their initial 90 days, such outcomes are influenced by factors like consistency and adherence to our blueprint..

What expectations should I have as a Contributor Writer?

If I contribute as a writer to your magazines, blogs, website, or podcast network, will I receive compensation? Unfortunately, no compensation is provided for contributions, both presently and in the future. We operate as a service-based company, offering customers and clients access to our network and audience, necessitating a membership or fee for participation. It's crucial to understand that you retain ownership of your content. While we reserve the right to utilize approved content in any manner we see fit, we are essentially providing a platform for you to distribute your written, photographic, video, or audio content, including podcasts. Please be aware that content violating our policies may be removed without notice, and no refund will be issued in such cases.

As a Podcaster or Content Creator on our network, will I receive compensation for my content?

Unfortunately, no compensation is provided for your content on our platform, neither now nor in the future. Our service aims to facilitate the distribution of your content, enhancing the reach and visibility of your show or content through our programs. It's important to note that we do not act as your agent or manager for guest bookings unless you choose to hire us for such services, which incurs a separate fee. However, we actively recommend our podcasters and clients, both within and outside our network, when businesses or entrepreneurs inquire about your services and/or show.


How does CTR Media Network achieve global reach?* CTR Media Network reaches 350 Million Households in over 100+ countries through a combination of podcasting, OnlineTV, RokuTV, Radio, Magazines, partnerships, and Various forms of Media.


What are the audience demographics for CTR Media Network? Our global audience spans across diverse demographics, including individuals from lower-middle to upper-class backgrounds, aged 18 to 60 and beyond. Our listenership is a mix of white and blue-collar workers, with a significant portion having attained some college education or higher.

Are there additional opportunities with CTR Media Network?

Interviews Booking Service Generally involve a fee; contact us for details.


Consulting & Coaching Services- Our Consulting helps you to destress the Homeschooling and Podcasting Process with customize action place to fit your needs.


Sponsorship : We would love to partner with youcontact


Commercials: We can distribute your commercials on podcast shows, RokuTV, OnlineTV, or Magazines email us to learn more.

Monetization: Training for our podcasters on our platform.


Earn Money  through Referrals: We do offer one-time referral rewards to individuals who successfully refer our services. Get a one-time 10% referral reward for any product or service over $100 per person.


Affiliate Program: Not available at this time. (Coming Soon)


Terms and Conditions, NDA, and Content Release:** Agreement required for participation.


Refunds-Please note that we do not offer refunds. All sales are final, no exceptions.

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