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CTR Media Network

We are an Edutainment podcast and TV network offering compelling and impactful content designed to fuel your business, entertain you, and enrich your life.

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Through our extensive network, CTRMN empowers content creators, podcasters, and entrepreneurs by expanding their visibility across social media, television, and podcasts. 

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Ready to elevate your brand's visibility worldwide with CTRMN across social media, TV, and podcasts?

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We simplify the process for entrepreneur to use our platform to maximize their visibility. 

Connect Entrepreneurs with opportunities: 

  • Podcast interviews

  • Create Media one-pager

  • Social Media Audit Makeover

  • Magazine Features

  • Blog Features

  • Commercial Slots

  • Social Ad posting

  • Sponsorship

  • Workshops & Collab

  • TV Show Interviews

CTR Media Network Podcasters
Men Podcasters on CTR Media Network
DR. Tina J Ramsay with Aluxa
Dr. Tina J ramsay Interviewing on The Tina Ramsay Show



Experience podcast and social media distribution with our exclusive CTRMN memberships.


Unlock the benefits of our CTRMN Memberships:

  • RokuTV 

  • Emcee Events

  • 24/7 OnlineTV

  • Podcast Audit

  • Podcast & TV Distribution

  • Podcast Promotion

  • Podcast Coaching

  • Podcast Monetization Tips

  • Podcast Exclusive Group

  • Streaming on 5 Platforms

Do you want to Start a Podcast?

Purchase our Amazon #1 Best Selling Book and receive a complimentary Podcast Video Course available exclusively on Amazon.

"CTR Media Network have opened me up to so many different opportunities. I have gotten speaking engagements, introductions to some influential people. My appearance on the Tina Ramsay show was a wonderful experience, and I can't wait to work with Tina again."

Adrianne Brown

Working With the Best Clients, Affiliates, and Highly Recommended

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