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Female Wellness & Education

In the face of a world that ground to a halt, CTR Wellness, an affiliate of CTR Media Network formerly known as Heal The Honeypot, pressed forward with unwavering determination. Our mission remained resolute - to continue educating and supplying essential, safe wellness products to organizations, communities, and women in critical need. As fervent advocates for the Girls Scouts of America and the SHE Trucking Foundation, we have forged connections with local government leaders and media figures, garnering approval and support for our initiative, including the endorsement of Mayor Stephen K. Benjamin of Columbia, South Carolina. Collaborating with over 60 Black-owned businesses in SC, we've been able to provide free education and sanitary napkins to organizations like CASA Family System, Speaking at Girl Camps as well as to the dedicated females of the United States Postal Service and female truck drivers across the nation. Together, we've distributed nearly 1,000 packs of pads - all free of charge

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